About Us

About Us

Established in 1983, Industrial Fabrication is a privately owned and trusted leader in the metal fabrication industry supplying OEMs for construction, agriculture and industrial markets spanning over 30 years. Dedication to customer satisfaction is essential in the strive for excellence in quality, competitive pricing and timely delivery. Industrial Fabrication is a proud supplier to both Production and Aftermarket Service manufacturing.
Operating with the latest state of the art equipment, Industrial Fabrication’s exciting 2015 expansion has grown the company to now operate in two facilities totaling 125,000 square feet located on 10 acres. These plants offer complete manufacturing utilizing Lasers, Machining Centers, high tonnage Press Brakes, Robotic Welding, all weld cells are equipped with Miller Access Accu-Pulse welders to finishing and powder coating to meet all metal fabricating needs. Paired with a collaborative effort of highly skilled workers and staff whose primary concerns are the customer, innovation is achieved. Located only 85 miles from Chicago along Interstate 94, Industrial Fabrication is centrally located logistically and offers inventory and distribution management.


Prototyping and Custom Fabrication are key specialties. We believe in Innovative Ideas, thus Industrial Fabrication enjoys collaborating with clientele and welcomes appointments to visit regarding small to large projects of any size as one time builds to low or high order quantities as this is one of our great strengths.


(Process up to 8 inch thick steel, 1 inch Stainless, and 1/2 inch Aluminum)

The updated 125,000 sqft facilities, located on 10 acres allow for unlimited growth possibilities. Operations take place on one shift, allowing for the expansion to other shifts given the volume of orders. Lead time is typically one week for straight laser parts, 4-6 weeks dependent on project.


Download the INDUSTRIAL FABRICATION Production Capabilities and Equipment List now!

Bystronic Lasers

2012 5.2KW, Run up to 1 inch plate, sheet size 72 inches x 144 inches with Laser Tube cutting option.
2005 4.4KW, Run up to 1 inch plate, sheet size 60 inches x 120 inches
Tolerance plus(+) or minus(-) 0.004 inch, Turnaround time is less than a week on straight laser parts.
Both Lasers run up to 1 inch Steel plate, 1/2 inch Aluminum, and 3/4 inch Stainless Steel.
Robotic Weld Cell

2012 Motoman Robot, Six Axis
2012 Miller Auto-Axcess Welder
Indexable Turntable and Rotary Headstock - Tailstock

200AMP High Definition, 10 x 14 foot with water table and 3 oxy-fuel torches running simultaneously. Run up to 8" thick steel and 1" thick stainless steel.
Press Brakes

2015 440 Ton Bystronic Xpert, 14 ft bed

2015 150 Ton Bystronic Xpert, 10 ft bed

600 Ton Pacificwith 24ft bed

2012 320 Ton AccurPress Advantage with 16ft bed

2013 130 Ton AccurPress Advantage with 8ft bed

Pyramid Pinch ½” x 72” Plate Roll
Machining Centers

2013 HAAS ST30 LATHE- 3” thru Capacity

2012 HAAS ST30 Bar Fed LATHE - 3” thru Capacity

2013 HAAS VF5 - XYZ Travels: 50” x 26” x 25”

2012 HAAS VF5 - XYZ Travels: 50” x 26” x 25”

2013 HEM Vertical CNC Saw VT100HLA-60 TS

Manual Lathes, Mills, and Surface Grinding

Tube Fabrication

Tube Bending
Laser Tube Cutting

Miller AXCESS Weld Cells

20 Weld Cells set-up with torches and fixture tables.
MIG, TIG, Stick, Oxyfuel weld, Submerged Arc, Thermal Spray, Hard Surfacing, Soldering and Surface Grinding
Paint & Powder Coat

Paint, Powder Coat & E-Coat.
Heat Treat and Specialized Coating available.